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Greenacres is a pleasant community North of I-90, outside of the Spokane Valley. It was originally developed as an irrigation district and owes its existence to agricultural roots. Many residents enjoyed the fruits of fertile farmland by raising and selling strawberries, raspberries, corn, cucumbers and other vegetables. In later years, many of the farms and orchards were sold for new home sites.

Today, the beauty of the surrounding area, business opportunities and local recreational areas offer the people of Greenacres an attractive alternative big city living. Easy access to Spokane, local lakes and Couerd’Alene make for a convenient commute and desirable suburban lifestyle.


June 29th, 2016

A Home Addition: What to Consider Before Starting to Build

Adding on to your current home may be your best bet if you’re short on space, but you don’t want to move or can’t find another house in the area with all the qualities you’re seeking. It’s also an attractive option if the house you have is lacking just one significant element (a family room, …

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June 27th, 2016

What We Know (and Don’t Know) About the Impact of Brexit

Image courtesy of speedpropertybuyers.co.uk/.    The decision of the British public to leave the European Union is a historic one for many reasons, not least of which was the almost uniform belief that there was absolutely no way that the public would vote to dissolve a partnership that had been in existence …

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June 24th, 2016

Perspectives: Buyer Fatigue

Buyer fatigue. It’s a very real thing and we’re seeing it in cities all up and down the West Coast. What’s causing it? Intensely competitive market conditions in which bidding wars and properties selling for significantly more than asking price are the norm. It’s tiring for buyers. It’s tiring …

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