Why I do what I do

I chose Windermere for its high standards in professionalism, strong commitment to the community, and Windermere's dedication to agent education is second to none. I find it rewarding to help individuals and families find theie homes where memories are made. I also enjoy being a part of Community Service Day, and other opportunities which allow Windermere agents to give back to the community. Windermere is a leader in innovative technology, as well as marketing programs. They strive to help agents assist clients, which explains why they are so large and successful. I am proud to be representing Windermere North.

A little about me!

I wanted to take time to introduce myself to those of you that don’t know who Laura Krauth is. I was originally Laura Walchak, daughter of Dr. Frank and Carolyn Walchak. I have lived in Spokane since I was three years old. I attended St. Thomas More School before graduating from Mead High School. I graduated from Spokane Community College with a Criminal Justice degree, while beginning my professional life. My husband Kurt is a teacher at East Valley High School. We have two wonderful daughters, Kaileene and Korel. Spokane is a wonderful place to raise a family. There are many things to do. We enjoy spending time around baseball, basketball, and softball games. Besides traveling, we also try to spend as much time as possible at Priest Lake, or at home with the Italian greyhound, cat, and Kallie the pregnant the llama along with her baby Buggy that was born January 2006.

Working by Referral

I am currently working to inform people in the area about my exciting opportunity with Windermere North . I am hoping that you can help by informing others of what I do and how I can be a valuable resource to them. You may not have any immediate real estate needs, but you probably know someone that is entertaining that idea right now. This is a great time for making a change in housing. Whether you're a first time home owner, moving up with a growing family, or if you are downsizing to a more manageable housing position, I can help you achieve your goals. And don't forget to tell your friends.

Why you should think Laura Krauth for your Realtor

Realtors do more than just sell houses. I keep my clients informed of current real estate market conditions so they know how their home compares in value. When appropriate, I can provide a detailed comparative market analysis to help owners decide if a move would be cost effective. You might have a particular style of home in mind but aren’t sure where to begin to look for it. I’d be happy to do these things and more.